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Empowering Businesses to Overcome Environmental Challenges

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With Olik, brands have been able to reduce & track this much of their Carbon Emission

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At Olik, we understand the unique obstacles faced by businesses on their circularity journey.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, businesses in industries like retail, automobiles, fashion, and more must tackle challenges such as inefficiencies, excessive waste, and lack of visibility.

Olik empowers businesses to create a more sustainable future. Our innovative technology solutions enhance product usage and usability through rental, repair, and re-commerce, helping you to reduce, reuse and decrease carbon footprint.

Problem Identification

Inefficient Processes and Resource Wastage

Businesses often struggle with workshop operations, leading to time and resource inefficiencies. Without proper management, materials and resources are wasted, impacting profitability and sustainability efforts.

Excessive Inventory and Environmental Impact

The fast-paced consumer landscape results in excess inventory, which contributes to environmental degradation. Disposing of unsold products puts a strain on resources and harms the planet.

High Consumption and Storage Challenges

Businesses face the dilemma of meeting consumer demand while minimizing resource consumption. High upfront costs and storage requirements pose additional hurdles to sustainable practices.


With Olik's Repairability, businesses gain complete control over their workshop operations. Our intuitive digital platform optimizes workflows, enhances customer experiences, and provides actionable insights.

  • Streamlined processes and optimized resource utilization.
  • Enhanced customer experiences through efficient service delivery.
  • Actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • Reduced waste and minimized environmental impact.

Rental Solution

Our Rental solution empowers businesses to offer products on a temporary basis, reducing resource consumption and providing flexibility to customers.

  • Reduced resource consumption through shared product usage.
  • Minimized production of new goods, contributing to sustainability.
  • Cost-effective options for customers, promoting affordability.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands.

Recommerce Solution

Olik's Recommerce solution revolutionizes how businesses manage excess inventory and embrace the circular economy.

  • Extended product lifespan through reselling, refurbishing, and recycling.
  • Reduced waste generation and minimized environmental impact.
  • Enhanced sustainability credentials and positive brand image.
  • Cost savings through effective inventory management.

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